We offer treatment of Headaches, Injuries, Repetitive Strain and Other Pain and Dysfunction Syndromes through a unique combination of in-office muscle therapy, chiropractic treatment and rehabilitative education to reduce the likelihood of the problem returning. In over 24 years in practice, I have found this comprehensive approach to be the most effective, giving patients the greatest degree of relief and the greatest gains in function.

Additionally, we offer Wellness Solutions (effective weight loss solutions, whole body cleansing solutions and nutritional support).

We are exposed daily to countless chemicals in our food, air and environment that accumulate within our bodies. Symptoms of toxic overload manifest as numerous conditions for which medicine has little (to no) effective solution. Some of those symptoms include weight gain, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, environmental or food sensitivities/allergies, and depressed immune system (get sick a lot).

Treatment of Headaches, Injuries, Repetitive Strain and Other Pain and Dysfunction Syndromes.

Rita Pikor, customer service rep: 15 years of daily headaches - ďIím amazed that I donít get headaches any more. I used to alternate between Tylenol, ibuprofen and Aleve because I took so much of that stuff."

Combining Muscle Therapy AND Chiropractic AND Reconditioning for Relief from Pain and Decreased Disability.

Hands-on Treatment to Get Rid of the Pain.

At-Home Reconditioning to Keep it From Coming Back.

Bill Hooson, Vice President, Atlanta YMCA - ďIíve been to chiropractors for 30 years and no one has ever done this work."

Pain is a miserable companion. Enjoy What You Love With More Vitality and Renewed Mobility!

Dr. Pellington typically spends about 30 minutes with a patient each visit. A typical treatment consists of:

  • Direct Muscle Treatment: Therapeutic stretching, compression of ďTrigger PointsĒ within the involved muscles reduces the spasm and pain, and gently breaks up the scar tissue and adhesions. It improves circulation to the areas of injury which speeds healing, and increases the degree of recovery.

  • Gentle joint manipulation to improve the function of the spinal (or ankle, shoulder, hip, knee) joints. Joints are designed to move freely.

  • Additionally, specific, therapeutic stretches and progressive exercises targeting the areas of injury are tailored to the individualís condition to improve the strength, endurance and flexibility of the muscles and connective tissues, to improve their function and reduce the likelihood of the problem coming back.

Tony Pringle, mechanic: - ďUsed to be 3 hours on a motorcycle and 6 hours lying down....I lived with it every day for years. I look back now and wonder why?"

Itís a lot more than relief from pain. Itís about being able to enjoy the things you love to do.

Combining in-office muscle therapy and joint manipulation with at-home stretches and exercises specifically tailored for each patient is what brings about faster pain relief and greater overall recovery.

You canít ignore the muscles and expect (any) lasting results. They have to be treated.

If the joints are also involved, you canít ignore them and expect (any) lasting results. They have to be treated. With any long-standing problem, BOTH the muscles and the joints become involved, creating a complex that must be treated together. You canít ignore one major component and expect (any) good or lasting results.
And if because of the long-standing nature of the problem, the muscles have become weak, you canít ignore that and expect (any) good or lasting results. They HAVE to be strengthened.

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