Nutritional Detox, Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Program

What it is

• Real, grocery store food.
• A take charge of your health and step out of the “herd” program.
Based entirely on current nutritional and anti-aging research. Because opinion has no place in health care.
• No group meetings. Individually monitored by Dr Pellington. We meet each week, one on one. (Distance is not a problem. I’ve worked with people all over the country by phone and e-mail).

It’s an Experience and an Education.

What it’s not

• Pre-packaged food or a vegetarian diet.
• Just a colon cleanse, though many people with digestive problems get relief with this program.
• Just a weight loss program.
• Appetite suppressing drugs.

Whether their initial “why” was weight or cholesterol or…
Why do people continue to eat this way? Because They Feel So Much Better! Are they glad for the other improvements? Yes. And They Feel So Much Better!
You’ll start to feel better Within Days.

It just makes sense; when you support and improve the way your body is working you should feel better right out of the gate. Right? Yes. Of course!

I don’t deny myself anything!
What we eat 95% of the time is what determines our health. What we do occasionally has little effect.
It’s gotta work in real life or what good is it?

When you know the principles, there’s ultimately nothing that’s not on the list.

Thin or heavy…

this is a “get healthy” program, a “slow down the aging of your body and your brain” program.

Excess body fat is just one sign of declining health and accelerated aging.
People lose weight as a result but it’s an anti-aging/anti-inflammation program.

You won’t be hungry.
If you get hungry, the fix is simple… eat something.
You want to support, not stress your body.

Excess body fat is the result of hormonal imbalances.
Same with blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, fibromyalgia, etc.
Our hormones are controlled by food.

Fix the Leaking Roof.

All symptoms are the result of a damaged metabolism. It doesn’t matter what the “symptom” is, focusing on the symptom rather than the cause is like having a leaking roof and just painting over the water spot on the ceiling.

Chronic, silent inflammation/oxidation (termites) is what we all ultimately succumb to. It’s the common thread that links all degenerative diseases; heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, etc.

Opinion has no place in health care

None of the recommendations I give are arbitrary. They’re all based on current nutritional research.

You benefit from learning what I have learned for me. I want the best… for me! I want the best for you.
I don’t want you tied to any products. I don’t want you tied to me.
I see my job as teaching people to ride a bicycle.

Think of something you’re really good at.

You decided that skill had value.
And now, it’s second nature.

There is no other single thing that will have a more profound effect on your future health than understanding the physiology of food.

We eat three times a day anyway. It’s wise to know what those foods are doing after we swallow.

• Just 30 days. You can do it.
• Knowing, not guessing.

No one will ever care about my health as much as I do. I don’t want to guess. People aren’t doing well guessing. I didn’t want to guess. I wanted to know. I wanted to know “what is optimum?” So I did (and continue to do) the research.

This is the way I’ve been eating (95% of the time) since the research started coming out in the early 90’s.
There have been refinements over the past 20 years, but mostly it’s confirmation, confirmation.

Sadly, we weren’t taught in school how our bodies work, and the “herd” is not doing well at all. I’ve put all of the puzzle pieces together for me, and… if we lock arm and arm you save 30 years of research.

It’s like getting a Master’s degree in nutrition. The nuts and bolts. The practical, real life parts.

Yes, there’s a learning curve but it’s not that steep.
The food choices are the narrowest for the first 30 days. It’s not to see what you can do without. This is not an arbitrary exercise. We’re going for results. I want you to feel better than you’ve felt in a long time. You will. And… I want you to know why you’re feeling better.

Just 30 days. Then you start reintroducing other foods and you see how your body reacts to those foods. It puts you in control. Full confidence and certainty.

It works in real life, for real people. Real food. Easy to do. I don’t deny myself anything. Think of something that you’re really good at. You can do this.

Dr. David Pellington